Characters Inspired From Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is a legend who has motivated numerous to take up combative techniques so as to wind up even a part as rebel as him

Bruce Lee is a legend who has motivated numerous to take up combative techniques so as to wind up even a part as rebel as him. Along these lines, it makes sense that he would unintentionally star in our best wellspring of excitement world of entertainment. Over the years, there were few video games who made a mark from screams to fights. Some of them often overlook this fact, so today I am going to share this list. So let us begin.

Name: Hitmonlee

Name: Liu Kang
Franchise: Mortal Kombat

Name: Xuan
Franchise: Xuan Dou Zho Wang

Name: Jan Lee
Franchise: Dead or Alive

Name: Wang
Franchise: China Warrior

Name: Hon Fu
Franchise: Fatal Fury

Name: Marshall Law
Franchise: Tekken

Name: Fei Long
Franchise: Street Fighter

Name: Shang-Chi
Franchise: Marvel

Name: Wei Shen
Franchise: Sleeping Dogs

Name: Furious Ming
Franchise: Jade Empire

Name: Forest Law
Franchise: Tekken

Let us know in the comments, what you think about the list?

8 thoughts on “Characters Inspired From Bruce Lee”

  1. I always found Bruce Lee an interesting character so it is interesting to see how many anime characters he inspired the creation of like Hon Fu from Fatal fury. I had not heard of many of the anime characters on this list but this has definitely opened my eyes to a new world.


  2. Very interesting. I know Bruce Lee but I had no idea these other characters were inspired by him specifically. I always really enjoyed Jackie Chan movies, but I’ve heard people say he isn’t a “real” martial artist like Bruce Lee.


  3. Really? These characters are inspired by Bruce Lee? That man is really a legend. Too bad his life and lineage ended that way. 😦 I still feel sad for his story.


  4. When I was growing up, it was always about Bruce Lee. So sad that his movies aren’t as embraced todays but again, we welcome such video games. My brothers love to play Mortal Kombat and they just love Liu Kang. I didn’t even know that it’s Bruce-Lee-inspired.


  5. I’m a huge fan of Bruce Lee so it is interesting for me to know the characters that are inspired by him.


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