Game Of The Month August 2018: Backbitchers

Backbitchers is a game about where you can talk about the person whom you hate the most, even if their breath. But you have to make sure, you talk with a certain group to it. Some thing like your workplace, college or any other part of the activity group.

So here I am. Sorry was little late, I had the idea what game should go on today. But due to my office timings, I couldn’t get time to write and now since I got it, now I thought of another game. Before we begin, let me ask you this?

Have you ever been a person who you thought, would get along well and you can make future plans of hangout and all? But then after hanging out with that person, you feel “Oh God What A Mistake I Did”, but thank goodness I never hanged out with that person more than a requirement. At least that is what my friend thought. Because of him, I got this idea.He constantly used to talk about one classmate who he truly hates her for various reasons.

The Game is known as Backbitchers or you can call Hate Speech.It is all up to you. So without wasting any further ado, let’s begin.

What is Backbitchers?
Backbitchers is a game about where you can talk about the person whom you hate the most, even if their breath. But you have to make sure, you talk with a certain group to it. Some thing like your workplace, college or any other part of the activity group.

Well the only thing you required is a secret place and yes pizza and drinks. Dissing about someone can take out one’s energy.

What A Player has to do
A Player has to talk about the hated person, share few details about that person to a certain group. It depends on you whether a group want to talk about same person or each person can talk about different person. Language is no bar. Bring a Neutral person to judge who backbitched the most in good way. Bring around 2 or 3 neutral persons. Remember, Neutral Persons will make you the winner. Because you need a calmer head.

There are no rules as such. But you can make it timed one so that you have more material for next meet. Make it around 1-2 mins. It will create a better competition and person even won’t know it.

Many People have suggested by talking to someone about the person they hate most, they feel at utmost peace.

So, have a group session someday. Trust me your friends won’t even need therapy and they would be in control around that person. It will take off the tension as well.

Have a try and let me know in the comments, what do you feel about the game?

33 thoughts on “Game Of The Month August 2018: Backbitchers”

    1. Well, my friend’s rant made me thought of this idea for the game. He didn’t even knew that he was helping me. Yes I did that with a group. Best time ever. They all felt good, although rants were not unique, but hey everyone got way more relaxed after that.


  1. Well bitching is a game now. As long as it is in safe space and you can also have your outlet without letting the other person know its quiet a win win.


  2. Wow, this is not exactly a game I would think of playing but that doesn’t mean I don’t need a good venting session. haha! So I guess I have played this before with my husband!


  3. This game sounds like lots of fun! I could go on talking about people I hate for hours! Sharing these kinds of thoughts with a group of friends over a pizza or beer would be a wonderful free time activity. 🙂


  4. At first thought it seems like a bit of a mean game but I guess if everyone involved is happy with the rules it can be a place to air some grievances.


  5. Now this is the sort of game I’d want to engage in when I’m so tired of someone since for sure, I also don’t enjoy gossiping for it surely backfires. Way to go with this one!


  6. I don’t typically condone gossiping or talking bad about people, but sometimes, you really do have to vent. If done in a safe space that it can’t bite you in the back, this sounds pretty hilarious. I’d like to be the neutral party to call the winner LOL!


  7. Wow! I can not imagine that there game for “the person whom you hate the most, even if their breath” the can talk about. It really fun to try!


    1. Hey glad I made you laugh. You have so much to talk about that person why waste on 1 meeting? Pretty sure that will person will do something which will get on your nerves, which you can tell it to your group.


  8. This doesn’t sound like the game for me to play but I can appreciate why it might be fun to others as everyone needs an outlet for their feelings. Glad you find it fun 🙂


  9. I really don’t like the premise of this game. We need to encourage positivity and good thinking. I guess it’s better than women, shooting, and other things that are in other games, but still…


  10. I do think we need to vent to get everything out of our system once in a while. And I think this would be a great way to do that for sure. Turning it into a game sounds interesting.


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