Game Of The Month October 2018: Backward Charades

Well we all have been playing charades, but you know there is another variation of this game? It is known as Backward Charades or simply Reverse Charades. It is fun to play together and act it out by team rather than individual.

So let’s not waste time and discuss this about the game.

What is Backward Charades/Reverse Charades?

Backward Charades/Reverse Charades is a new twist on the classic game “Charades”. Instead of one person acting out the clues, the whole team has to act out the clues and one person will give the answers. It is seriously easy to play and as enjoyable.

How to Play

-Team will act out the clues and one person has to guess the clues.

-You can play up to 20 mins. But hey just because it is said 20 minutes doesn’t mean you actually have to.

-For each guess you get a point, for each wrong guess you won’t. This rule has not changed.

-You have a minute to guess. But you can extend it to 2 mins. I personally liked 2 minutes. For new people try 2 minutes, once you are an expert at this game, then go with original rule of 1 minute guess.

-Each team selects a guesser (everyone gets a turn guessing) and the rest of the team acts out the words. The other team holds the word cards for only the actors to see and flips the enclosed timer

-No using sounds or looking back the words.Draw out. Easily disqualified.

-You can use props if you think it is closely related to clue.

-Once the game finishes, tally the points.Whoever has the most points, that team is the winner.

-Team has to work together to get done in under a minute.


In each team there should be 3 or more players. The more people you have, more the fun it is.


You can check out the video to know how to play


So, that is much for the game. If you have any queries let me know in the comments, or played this game before, let me know how was your experience.

See You Next Month.


17 thoughts on “Game Of The Month October 2018: Backward Charades”

  1. This Backward Charades sounds perfect game for family and friends. During holidays, my in-laws family love to play new game every year. I think we will have blast!


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