Why Daredevil and Spider-Man Should Team-Up in MCU

So here I am writing another blog. You know what I have been thinking? I have been thinking how my two favorite superheroes can team up apart from 90s TV Show? Since MCU is a big phenomenon which did justice to my two favourite supers.
Daredevil-The Man Without Fear and The Amazing Spider-Man, I want to tell why they should team up. So if you are against the Idea, I would suggest not read it, if you are interested, let us begin.

Street Level Crimes

Both of my favorite superheroes have one thing in common and which is basic why I really want them to team up. That is Street Level Crime. They both focus on cleaning up the streets of New York, unlike some Avengers or Illuminati that focus on the bigger, worldly threats. You cannot say they don’t bump into each other while attempting to stop the same robbery.

Different POV on Life

We all know every individual is different. Even though are relatively similar, it doesn’t mean that they will have same approach on life. It’s is easy to say that Daredevil has a gritty, dark outlook on life. He knows that life isn’t all happy happy and rainbows, and the things he does has consequences. Even he told to his famous rival Kingpin the dialogue “Not Everyone deserve a Happy Ending”. See the thing about Spider-Man is much younger and still has a pretty happy outlook on life. For the most part, he likes being a hero because it’s fun, and so far he hasn’t had many bad things happen to him (with the exception of Uncle Ben).
Daredevil can show Spider-Man that things don’t always end up being in our favor. He can show Spider-Man the darker side of New York and show him that heroes have to make tough, dark decisions sometimes, and they can’t always be having funny business. If we see the other side of the coin even now and then Spider-Man could show Daredevil that being a hero can have fun moments. Daredevil is mostly dark and serious throughout the series with a little humor and Spider-Man could help him have a laugh or two along their journey. Just think about it?

The Infinity War

We all know that Infinity war is coming and Thanos is set to destroy the earth just to find stone. So Imagine the big mess of city again for New York. This is where I believe they can team up. Spidey and Daredevil could team up to clean up the streets and stop all the crime that’s probably taking place. The Same thing will happen what happened in Avengers 1, crime bosses took advantage of it and made it seem like they are living in hell. It would be great to show Spider-Man dealing with a worldwide tragedy in Avengers 4 and then show him dealing with the consequences in his solo outing. We can get some insight on Daredevil’s point of view of the battle.

The KingPin of Crime

Above the reference point, if we are talking about crime, this guy means business and that also in wrong way that even Stark do not want to work with him as well and maybe Oscorp might do a joint venture thing with him. Who knows? It happens many times in Comics and other medias. I am pretty sure these guys are not going to be sitting ducks and they are bound to face the same enemy. They could make it so that the criminals are Wilson Fisk’s men, and Daredevil’s been going after them for a while now. At this robbery, though, Spider-Man shows up because that’s the type of crime he stops. They run into each other and have to stop the crime together. After some disagreements and arguements, Daredevil informs Spider-Man of Wilson Fisk and they team up to stop him. Wilson Fisk is easily one of the best villains in the MCU, and he often fights Spider-Man in the comics so he would make a great antagonist of the movie or TV Show. Best of all he wouldn’t need as much backstory since he’s already been established.


I am pretty sure a little humor is needed even if they are teaming up. It has been long going on and majority of fan base want this including me. After they keep running into each other at the theft, Daredevil would presumably endeavor to make tracks in an opposite direction from Spider-Man, and Spider-Man would no uncertainty tail him and pester him too. “How’d you get visually impaired?” “For what reason do you battle with club?” “How would you put your clothes on toward the beginning of the day?” They could then have a brisk battle and afterward Daredevil would reluctantly give Spider-Man chance to man follow alongside him.

It would make me happy if they do that.

I will show you samples what would happen if they actual Team-Up.


Also they can be good friends as you can see below

Till then

Why You should Date “Game Of Thrones” Fan

Well, Not a great fan of the show personally speaking. But Now I am going to speak in their language. Winter is coming and perfect timing for dating fellow ‘Game of Thrones’ far. There is something that sets “Game of Thrones” fans apart from other fandoms, and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what that is.  They all share a sense of passion that makes more than just people who dream of sword fights and dragons, it makes them the perfect partner.

Here are few reasons why you should date these people

1.Think About Future
While fans live undoubtedly at the moment of each episode, they are constantly trying to guess (read: argue about on Reddit or website or any other source) what the future holds. So, if you’re someone who has your wedding date and unborn children’s names already picked out, go find yourself a “Thrones”-enthusiast to spend your life with. Just be sure your future dog’s name is either Ghost, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog.

2.Understand the Importance of Equality
Well, first I thought that is why they are into this show. But after “observing” it is not true. Many people or should I say Fans know the importance of Equality, respect, and understanding of women. There is a sense of empowerment that comes to an abundance of bra busters and valuable quality to have in a life partner. Quote to Emilia Clark  the actress who plays the Daenerys Targaryen ” It shows the range that happens to women, and ultimately shows women are not only equal but have a lot of strength.”

3.They stay committed 
According to a friend,if you’ve never seen episode nine of season three of “Game of Thrones,” you don’t know heartbreak. The Red Wedding which was the trending episode since launch was a packed a mean punch in the gut for everyone, and they genuinely believe after getting through that episode, they can get through anything. With that being said, a “Game of Thrones” fan won’t throw in the towel when the relationship waters get a little rough. “GoT” has taught fans to hope for the best but expect the absolute worst. When we say “worst,” we mean every character you’ve ever had an emotional attachment to dying in the most brutal way possible. I do not have to take the name on this you are intelligent in this case.

4.They look out for the details
Does your partner fail to notice every single time you get a new haircut or are looking your absolute best? Then stop putting up with that! You deserve a partner who notices the little things and a partner who can give you his undivided attention. And that partner is definitely a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan.
These loyal fans have learnt how to scrutinize every little detail of the show. They know how to connect something the Red Woman did 5 episodes ago to what just happened, they can tell something’s fishy with just one expression on Little Finger’s face and they know how to analyze and interpret every word that’s ever spoken on the show.

5.They know that sometimes saying less is more.
Hodor knows very well. Althought his name quite made a trend even for Non GoT Fans like me. Created memes and what not. Although his name is funny.

Are you an avid GoT fan or are you dating someone who is? Tell me about your relationship in the comments below.