Game Of The Month January 2019: Never Have I Ever

This game is actually fun and get to know people. You can also learn more about people you already know in your life. People have to count down their fingers if they done the deed. This version I am talking about Cards version.

So first of all, Happy New Year 2019. Pretty much many of us, do talk about resolutions and what they want to achieve. But for this month, I believe we can be a little nostalgia. You wonder how? The Answer is again, pretty simple. Play the game Never Have I Ever or NHIE. So let us begin. It is also known as Game of Poor Life Decisions.

What is Never Have I Ever?
This game is actually fun and get to know people. You can also learn more about people you already know in your life. People have to count down their fingers if they done the deed. This version I am talking about Cards version.

Who can play this game?
Probably 13+.

How to Play?
-Remove all the cards from the box and place on the table.
-Deal 10 cards to each player and leave remaining cards in the box.
-Pick the person with the coolest of their stuff, because let’s be honest, no one likes a showoff.
-Once a person starts the game picks a rule card from pile and reads it out, places it up on the face
-Rule Card explains what the players must do for the round, so hopefully everyone is listening
-If you can’t play that rule card, do another one.
-At the end of each round all players draw new play cards to bring each player’s back upto 10 cards
-The Left player begins the next round by picking up a new rule card.

Now we talk about scoring
-If you are guilty of play card, you win it and get to keep it face up, on the table in front of you which is known as Wall Of Shame.
-If you aren’t guilty of the play card, you add it to discard pile.
-First person to get 10 Play of Cards wins. That means you made some very bad decisions in your life.

You can play this game without cards by making your own statements or can take help from the cards above. Host will say the statement and whoever finishes the entire glass, is the one who made the bad decisions in their life. If you like you can also download the app from your phone.

If you do not want to drink, then use fingers, the person whose fingers are most down is the loser or winner.

Fair Warning
If you have someone who gets offended and have temper, please refrain them from this game. It is a fun game and it should be taken in that way.

So, hope you have fun this New Year . Let me know in the comments section and let me know what other variations you have for the game.

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Game Of The Month October 2018: Backward Charades

Well we all have been playing charades, but you know there is another variation of this game? It is known as Backward Charades or simply Reverse Charades. It is fun to play together and act it out by team rather than individual.

So let’s not waste time and discuss this about the game.

What is Backward Charades/Reverse Charades?

Backward Charades/Reverse Charades is a new twist on the classic game “Charades”. Instead of one person acting out the clues, the whole team has to act out the clues and one person will give the answers. It is seriously easy to play and as enjoyable.

How to Play

-Team will act out the clues and one person has to guess the clues.

-You can play up to 20 mins. But hey just because it is said 20 minutes doesn’t mean you actually have to.

-For each guess you get a point, for each wrong guess you won’t. This rule has not changed.

-You have a minute to guess. But you can extend it to 2 mins. I personally liked 2 minutes. For new people try 2 minutes, once you are an expert at this game, then go with original rule of 1 minute guess.

-Each team selects a guesser (everyone gets a turn guessing) and the rest of the team acts out the words. The other team holds the word cards for only the actors to see and flips the enclosed timer

-No using sounds or looking back the words.Draw out. Easily disqualified.

-You can use props if you think it is closely related to clue.

-Once the game finishes, tally the points.Whoever has the most points, that team is the winner.

-Team has to work together to get done in under a minute.


In each team there should be 3 or more players. The more people you have, more the fun it is.


You can check out the video to know how to play


So, that is much for the game. If you have any queries let me know in the comments, or played this game before, let me know how was your experience.

See You Next Month.


Moon Knight

So, I have been talking about few Marvel street heroes nowadays. But I always wanted to talk about this one person who is neither a hero nor a villain. No, not talking about Punisher at all. Something worse than Punisher, Elektra or Deadpool. The Guy I am talking about is Moon Knight.Now you are wondering who the hell he is?

So let us begin, shall we?

Well many people believe that he is like Batman or rip off, I would say nonsense to this. Stop comparing every hero to Batman. GUY ONLY HAVE MONEY which also is similar to other identity of Moon Knight.Not exactly. There is already a Batman Rip Off in MU.

I won’t give you origins and all, because every site has been giving the same, I would say some pretty facts about him so that you can get the idea and why this idea would actually look good on TV Screen or Movie.

Started out as Bad Guy

He was actually villain in Werewolf by Night #32, his only goal was to try and kill the Werewolf, who is the main star of the respective comic. Until he got his own comic, Moon Knight was an anti-hero , and we get to know more about his past as it was fleshed out, the more readers got a real sense about who Marc Spector(that is his real name)was. Still most of his friends have a hard time rationalizing Moon Knight, considering him too brutal and edgy to be a part of their club.

Serves Moon Egyptian God

He worships Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. After Marc got killed by Bushwacker in Egypt, his body was brought into a pyramid where it was laid under a statue of Khonshu. Somehow, through divine intervention, Spector was brought back to life. Since then, he spent the rest of his days serving his lord, fighting in the name of said deity, and doing his best to protect those who travel at night. He got some few powers as well.

Multiple Personalities

Marc Spector is not the only one who takes this role. There is also Steven Grant who is a billionaire and Jake Lockley, the taxi driver. Best Part is these persons don’t exist at all. It’s what Marc has created these personalities to keep a tabs on crime as Jake Lockely and Steven Grant just to distance himself from Marc Spector’s bloody past.

But these are not the only identities he has. He took his Avengers personalities as well such as Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Echo — who would “advise” him on his heroics. He even used facsimiles of their signature weapons in battle. Pretty much worse case of Personality Disorder right? Hope no one has to face all these. With taking all of personalities, he do get crazy a lot. LIKE A LOT.

Multiple Breakdowns

As mentioned above point, taking anyone’s personality is sure to make you crazy. But it all depends on the writer. But yes in reality, you would kill yourself.

Martial Arts Training

Well as someone who is a mercenary, you expect that person to know martial arts. After taking the persona of Moon Knight, he learned a lot. His career took him from the Marines to the CIA, which is where he met Jean-Paul “Frenchie” Duchamp. He teamed up with Duchamp when he became a mercenary, and the elder man’s loyalty continued into Spector’s superhero career.His military time added expertise in Judo, Kung Fu, and Savate which is actually known as French kickboxing, which is equal to Olympian-level gymnastics. He’s gained a knowledge of how to damage the human body to the point that he can take down an enemy with a single blow to a nerve cluster. So he is not to be taken lightly at all.

Not to forget, when in case of weaponry, from pistols to machine guns and sniper rifles, he can even wield the heavy duty stuff like grenade launchers and bazookas. He’s also highly proficient with swords, knives, bows, chains, and much more. Bottom line: if it can be used as a weapon, Moon Knight knows how to use it with tremendous mastery. He’s also an expert pilot, and has skills in deduction and interrogation. So you can say, he is not afraid to spill some blood of every scum bag. He is not afraid to get dirty, doesn’t even care that he has to better as long as the job gets done.

High Tech Gear

Well he is rich, thanks to his persona of Steven Grant who can afford some good weaponry like Moon Copter,

Grappling Hook,Crescent Darts. Gosh I love the Crescent Darts, they are so effective.


He also used a moon-themed motorcycle and limousine.

Wearing White

He likes to wear white for one simple reason-He wants his enemies to see him coming. So he does not prefer stealth like Spider-Man or Daredevil.He wants his enemies to fear him.


Just because he dresses white and have cool weaponry and gadgets, doesn’t mean he don’t have powers. Let me talk about his powers.He can lift around two tons. His strength varies depending on the phase of the moon and the added strength makes him extra durable.

Additionally, he has a low-level healing factor, similar to Iron Fist; he’s able to manipulate his chi so he can heal faster. Along with his already impressive fighting skills, Marc has a ridiculous tolerance to pain, as seen when he won a fight immediately after the villain Midnight had rammed his hand into Marc’s back and messed with his bones. Additionally, he’s immune to telepathic assaults.

Avengers Membership

Marc Spector joined the West Coast Avengers at the behest of Khonshu, serving alongside the likes of Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Wonder Man, and others. Spector got swept up in an adventure where the West Coast Avengers were transported back in time to ancient Egypt, and had to find a way home. He stayed with the team for two years.

Not only that, when MU(Marvel Universe) got upside down and crazy, Steve Rogers was given Nick Fury’s job people called him Commander Steve Rogers. Cap created a new team of Avengers called “Secret Avengers” which as name suggests focusing on covert ops. But this didn’t last after that he gone his own way. Then again, he joined Avengers to help the Pheonix Force who wreaked havoc by using X-Men’s bodies and Namor.

Punishment for Worse Criminals

You think Punisher does worst to his criminals? Nope this guy tops it.In a way, that no one can thinks about it. He got so much of sick of serial rapists, child abusers, and their ilk, Spector leaped over the edge in taking the law into his own hands, meting out punishment as he saw fit. His punishment? Carving his crescent moon symbol into the foreheads of the guilty. Not only did he peel away a moon-shaped piece of their flesh, he did it more than once if the criminal was a repeat offender.

Another fact you want to hear? When a sad and cry baby criminal complains to the police about MK having dug a chunk out of his head, the detective investigating MK’s work shows him photos of others the vigilante has doled out similar punishment to. And to the criminal’s shock, some of the photos show men with as many as three or four moons cut into their heads. ooof that’s going to leave a mark.

Cut Off Face

Once upon a time in comic,Moon Knight #2 As Bushman advanced for the kill, Moon Knight tossed a crescent dart, which sunk into Bushman’s neck. After Bushman fell, Spector climbed on top of him and produced another razor-sharp dart. Bushman’s supervillain mask was a visage of a face that had had its skin removed but then it come to realisation that it was just a mask. Moon Knight made it permanent by cutting Bushman’s actual face off. Gosh Calm Down.

Current Run

Now there is a new event in MU. Where people of two different heroes combine together and make one hero itself. Not that much great, but their looks are awesome. I knew Spider-Man and Moon Knight will come together and see this is the result.

His name is Arachknight. Don’t know much about the story how it happens. But my favorite getting this kind of fusion, I kind of liked it.

Fun Fact
In Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter Parker(Spider-Man) called him a loonie. I can understand why. But Moon Knight likes the Spider-Man when he get the menace tag.

James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) wanted to work on a Moon Knight film, but now there is no hope as he got fired.

Hope you like these facts about him. Now all of these facts, do you think a TV Show would be suitable or Movie? Let me know in the comments. Hope you like the character now, if you don’t let me know.

Game Of The Month August 2018: Backbitchers

Backbitchers is a game about where you can talk about the person whom you hate the most, even if their breath. But you have to make sure, you talk with a certain group to it. Some thing like your workplace, college or any other part of the activity group.

So here I am. Sorry was little late, I had the idea what game should go on today. But due to my office timings, I couldn’t get time to write and now since I got it, now I thought of another game. Before we begin, let me ask you this?

Have you ever been a person who you thought, would get along well and you can make future plans of hangout and all? But then after hanging out with that person, you feel “Oh God What A Mistake I Did”, but thank goodness I never hanged out with that person more than a requirement. At least that is what my friend thought. Because of him, I got this idea.He constantly used to talk about one classmate who he truly hates her for various reasons.

The Game is known as Backbitchers or you can call Hate Speech.It is all up to you. So without wasting any further ado, let’s begin.

What is Backbitchers?
Backbitchers is a game about where you can talk about the person whom you hate the most, even if their breath. But you have to make sure, you talk with a certain group to it. Some thing like your workplace, college or any other part of the activity group.

Well the only thing you required is a secret place and yes pizza and drinks. Dissing about someone can take out one’s energy.

What A Player has to do
A Player has to talk about the hated person, share few details about that person to a certain group. It depends on you whether a group want to talk about same person or each person can talk about different person. Language is no bar. Bring a Neutral person to judge who backbitched the most in good way. Bring around 2 or 3 neutral persons. Remember, Neutral Persons will make you the winner. Because you need a calmer head.

There are no rules as such. But you can make it timed one so that you have more material for next meet. Make it around 1-2 mins. It will create a better competition and person even won’t know it.

Many People have suggested by talking to someone about the person they hate most, they feel at utmost peace.

So, have a group session someday. Trust me your friends won’t even need therapy and they would be in control around that person. It will take off the tension as well.

Have a try and let me know in the comments, what do you feel about the game?

Game of The Month July 2018:Charades(Digital)

We all have been playing charades and some of us have been playing Reverse Charades. To Be Honest, they all have been fun. But this month, I am here to give you another variation which is known as Digital Charades. So Let us begin.

We all have been playing charades and some of us have been playing Reverse Charades. To Be Honest, they all have been fun. But this month, I am here to give you another variation which is known as Digital Charades. So Let us begin.

What is Digital Charades?
Digital Charades is that Ice breaker which you can play with your friends by using Apps on your smartphones.

How To Play
-First you need the app Heads Up from Ellen DeGeneres. If you do not want to pay for the app, there is another alternative app for this known as Charades.
-Now rules are much simple here.
-Now place your phone on forehead and try to guess from hints and clues your friends gives you.
-If they guess the clues wrong, the person holding the phone has to tilt up and if they guess right, tilt the phone down.
-If you have Charades App, you can create your own section and have fun
-Keep Repeating the process until you get tired.

Download the Apps given below
Heads Up
App Store
Play Store

Play Store
App Store

There are many apps who have the same function, but for me these 2 are really good. If you don’t mind paying for app and limited categories, I prefer Heads Up. But Personally I prefer Charades as it is fun and you can create your own categories to play with others.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Share this blog with your friends and families, if you feel this is fun.

Characters Inspired From Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is a legend who has motivated numerous to take up combative techniques so as to wind up even a part as rebel as him

Bruce Lee is a legend who has motivated numerous to take up combative techniques so as to wind up even a part as rebel as him. Along these lines, it makes sense that he would unintentionally star in our best wellspring of excitement world of entertainment. Over the years, there were few video games who made a mark from screams to fights. Some of them often overlook this fact, so today I am going to share this list. So let us begin.

Name: Hitmonlee

Name: Liu Kang
Franchise: Mortal Kombat

Name: Xuan
Franchise: Xuan Dou Zho Wang

Name: Jan Lee
Franchise: Dead or Alive

Name: Wang
Franchise: China Warrior

Name: Hon Fu
Franchise: Fatal Fury

Name: Marshall Law
Franchise: Tekken

Name: Fei Long
Franchise: Street Fighter

Name: Shang-Chi
Franchise: Marvel

Name: Wei Shen
Franchise: Sleeping Dogs

Name: Furious Ming
Franchise: Jade Empire

Name: Forest Law
Franchise: Tekken

Let us know in the comments, what you think about the list?