Game Of The Month November 2018: Flip Challenge

So November is here. You know what I am thinking about? People playing with Action Figures. You know where people collect various figures such as Superheroes/heroines, Princesses and Star Wars Figures. So today, since I have only this idea coming up. SO I will talk about Flip challenge

What is Flip Challenge?
Flip Challenge is another party game where you can play with your friends by making them jump by using your action figure.

How to Play
-Bring your own action figure
-Make them flip
-Land them in 2 feet

If it lands perfect, you score a point.If it not keep trying again

Bring few action figures so team can make them flip, so that they can keep trying until it lands on feet. Like 5 Action figures per team. So it comes around 10.You can even make it theme also.

For example-Every Saturday you should do one Mortal Kombat. Other Week G.I Joe and so on with every different franchise. It is up to you.

Mostly people play it alone, but playing with groups is much more fun.

Let me know what do you think about the game? If there any questions, please let me know in the comments section.